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my love for joan baez

There's not much I could say about Joan Baez without feeling completely inspired and in awe by her. To begin with, it was actually through my love for Bob Dylan that I discovered her: through many of his early 1960's live recordings, I could hear her soft voice harmonising in the background - so gentle - sometimes hesitating about when to start, but once her diamond voice climbed in, she was a solid backbone to revolutionary, eloquent songs. Her female input into some of Dylan's songs gave it such new and raw sense of female vitality and sensitivity that I felt as if I was listening to a different song, with a different meaning.

Everything they did together fit together, piece after piece, and worked beautifully. He enchanted her, and she sang him into her rising world. Musically, she would try new harmonies, he would fool her around and sing in all sorts of ranges to catch her off guard, but she would always grip right on, and thus their relationship between music - and each other began. It was the perfect coupling of 1960's folk music in my eyes - nothing could have been more perfect, and for a while I was fooled into thinking, like others, that she was simply, a "female Dylan."

But this is not true. Although she has been gradually shadowed by Dylan and her relationship with him and his music, there is such a whole lot more to Baez, and that is obvious once you start listening to what she has to tell you. Firstly, her voice is like something that has just rippled out of heaven - sequences and silver and shining, lighting up the grayest paths, tinkling every bell there was. She has one of those voices that comes out of nowhere - she just opens her mouth, and suddenly you are flooded in waves of jewel and sunshine sounds, stunned into silence.

When I found Baez, along with it came a whole new female sensitivity to her music. She sounds like a mother wrapped in the bluest stars at night - someone to feel close to, to nurture and respect. Tears prick my eyes when I hear her reach star-high notes; she just has that unique, immediate effect that sends tingles down your spine.

Joanie is someone I can be proud to look up to - I want to have that much kindness in my heart and share it with everyone. I want to be able to be so liberal in my love, and to have the strength to feel that every positive thing I do can have an impact on the goodness of our world.

If you also find yourself to be a fan of Joan Baez then please consider joining and being listed as her fan at this site. I know many of you may think that this site is quite pointless ("What's the point? It only lists fans") but Joan is amongst the many who have showed me that every little thing counts. This is my little dedication to Joan, and if she does ever come across it, I just want to thank her for being who she is, and I hope she understands that although I'm still very young, she has taught me a wealth of truths that I will always treasure.