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You are currently viewing the second layout for this fanlisting. There are a wide range of images and photographs featured in this layout, for which I am highly grateful to the original photographers for taking, and sharing them with the world. Please visit the site disclaimer page for more details on the use of these photographs in this layout.

I wanted simplicity for Baez - and I knew the mood and colours I wanted were dark and heavy with history, but also softly delicate. Using my favourite images of Baez, I came up with this layout, which I hope manages to project that subtle light glowing in so much of Baez's work.

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previous layouts Version 1, .gif thumbnailThe first layout was active from 18th March 2006 to 24th December 2007, and showed Baez in her early days when she began performing with Dylan. I chose this era because this is the time that she touched me the most, alongside dear Dylan. There is an article pasted in that provides a first impression of Baez by a reporter, which I thought was very simply and beautifully written, and so I thought would be nice to float over the whole layout.