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Kirane Website? France
"Imagine (Live 83 in Paris)"
Leslie B. Website? USA
"Honest Lullaby"
Lindsay Website? USA
"All/Can`t Choose"
Liza Marie Website? Puerto Rico
"Joe Hill"
Mallory Website? United States
"Heaven Help Us All"
Mervi Website? Finland
"Amazing Grace"
Michi Website? Philippines
"Diamonds & Rust"
Missy Website? USA
"Stones In The Road"
Raine Website? England
"All My Trials; Copper Kettle; Fare Thee Well (10,000 Miles); So We`ll Go No More A-Roving; La Colombe; Sweet Sir Galahad; Diamonds and Rust; North"
Rebecca Website? United States
"Honest Lullaby"
Selka Website? Mexico
"In The Quiet Morning"
Shaluna Website? Finland
"Love Song To A Stranger"
Stephen Website? United States
"There But For Fortune"
Tatiana Website? Brazil
"Blowin` In The Wind"
Tehomet Website? Ireland
"We Shall Overcome"
Tumbleweed Website? Germany