joan baez: both humble and grand

Welcome to the only fanlisting listed at TheFanlistings.Org for a beautifully touching, honest, and vibrant musician of our time, the beautiful Joan Baez.

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So why did I build this fanlisting for Joan Baez? Well, I love Joanie's feminity - her effortless ability to combine simplicity and elegance with unrivalled power; her involvement in the need for justice; her rippling, sailing and utterly astonishing rainbow voice and guitar finger-picking techniques, and the inspiring honesty of her work. She exudes this rare grace and humility that warms your soul with hope. Since starting in the late 1950's, Baez's ethereal performances were drenched with an ancient wisdom - she seemed to know the most elementary ways of the people, telling of the simplest love songs, murder ballads, and socio-political injustices. Thus this "queen of folk music" has proved herself as being an inspiration for her yearning generation, and then beyond... so here we are.

If you are also a fan of Joan Baez, then the "fanlisting" concept is that you can join her fanlisting for free (this website is a voluntary fan effort), and become part of a growing, worldwide list of her fans! You can navigate around this website using the image links found on the main image above, and also refer to the site map if you’re confused about how to navigate around this website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me - and thank you for visiting the fanlisting for Joan Baez!

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